Advanced Access Control Panels

Allows Communications with Devices and Host

Collection and processing of data produced by users

Flexible. Now with Linux

ZEITER Unique 

Up to 2 Options

Option 1

1x Ethernet

Option 2

1x Wiegand


Up to 3 Options

Option 1

4x Ethernet

Option 2

4x Wiegand

Option 3

4x RS485


Up to 5 Options

Option 1

8x Ethernet

Option 2

8x Wiegand

Option 3

8x RS485

Option 4

4x Ethernet + 4x Wiegand

Option 5

4x Ethernet + 4x RS485


Up to 6 Options

Option 1

16x Wiegand

Option 3

4x Ethernet + 12x Wiegand

Option 5

4x Ethernet + 4x Wiegand

Option 2

16x RS485

Option 4

4x Ethernet + 12x RS485

Option 6

4x Ethernet + 8x Wiegand +

4x RS485

--- Make your Control Panel even more Powerful ---

Control Panel Extender for Advanced Fingerprint Biometrics

Hundreds of thousands of biometric patterns

Up to 2+ Advanced Access Control Panels

Control Panel Extender for UHF Antennas

Gain speed in your data collection

Up to 4+ Advanced Access Control Panels

Control Panel Extender for Plate Recognition

Collect and process any data

Up to 4+ Advanced Access Control Panels

Ventilation Kit

Do not forget to take the perfect care of your Advanced Access Control Panel 


All in one


Without limits of number and type of Devices


Admit any Technology for Data Collection


Possibility of custom logic

through your web configuration


With a Microprocessor 


Even if Connection Fails

Centralized Management

Following the SICO concept,

administers, controls and manages all activities deriving from the data collection process


Million of Events Records


Fingerprint Patterns


Authorization Records


Facial Patterns


Clocking Records

Your Best Option, The Most Advanced

Breathe. You have in front of you the most Advanced Solution in the field of Access Management. Up to 256 Mb.

10x other devices.


Physical Specifications

Dimensions: 500 x 357 x100 mm

Weight: 10 Kg

Finishings: Black

Materials: Mounted on a robust cabinet with IP 54 degree of protection and protected inside with a security key for installation on a vertical surface indoors or outdoors protected, not outdoors. It has accessories for outdoor location, not included. Cable access by means of a hole for internal connectors and fittings.

Technical Specifications

Power supply: DC 15 V or PoE

Consumption: 750 mA

Process Unit: Equipped with microprocessor, Embedded W8 Operating System and internal Z-OS and Z-LEC software. Open communication protocol easily exploitable from other systems.

Connection and control of devices : by Ethernet 10/100 Mbps and Wiegand.

RAM Memory: 512 Kb Internal and 4GB External

Protection: IP65

Operating and Storage Temperature: 0ºC up to 60ºC

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