ZEITER Unique 

Up to 2 Options

Option 1

1x Ethernet

Option 2

1x Wiegand

Zeiter Unit Control OKW_Front-Cables (3)
Zeiter Unit Control OKW_Front (3)
Zeiter Unit Control OKW_Dcha (1)
Zeiter Unit Control OKW_Izq (2)
Zeiter Unit Control OKW_Incli (2)
Zeiter Restyling 560_TFT5_Post (1)

*Complementary product to a ZEITER device. Not allowed to be sell individually.

Tailor - made for you

Multiple device options that can be connected to the control panel, depending on the reading technology.

Online / Offline

Real-time (online), deferred (offline) and autonomous operation in any mode.


Based on a powerful processor that allows the control of the readers, the relay and the contacts for the pass-through elements.

Seen and unseen

The ZEITER Unique has been designed with different installation possibilities in mind. Discreet and small for mounting on exposed walls and ceilings and adaptable and invisible when installed in false ceilings. In addition, the IP model allows the control panel to be installed outdoors.


Physical Specifications

Dimensions: 180 x 180 x50 mm

Weight: 0.40 Kg

Finishings: White

Materials: Mounted on a robust cabinet with IP 54 degree of protection and protected inside with a security key for installation on a vertical surface indoors or outdoors protected, not outdoors. It has accessories for outdoor location, not included. Cable access by means of a hole for internal connectors and fittings.

Technical Specifications

Power supply: DC 10-24 V or PoE

Consumption: 750 mA

Process Unit: Equipped with microprocessor, Embedded W8 Operating System and internal Z-OS and Z-LEC software. Open communication protocol easily exploitable from other systems.

Connection and control of devices : by Ethernet 10/100 Mbps and Wiegand.

RAM Memory: 512 Kb Internal and 4GB External

Protection: IP65

Operating and Storage Temperature: 0ºC up to 60ºC

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